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Autotransformers CE Three-phase

Three phase autotransformers CE marked. Made with low losses magnetic metal sheet, windings executed with double varnished class H materials. Impregnation is made with polyester resin, oven cemented, which grants a great sturdiness and prevents from deterioration due to atmospheric agents. These products are ideal also for tropical envinronments.

Reversible input-output

  • Technical features

  • Applied norms: EN 61558-2-4/2-6, IEC 60076-1
  • Windings: Class F/H
  • Metal sheet: Low losses metal sheet
  • Terminal blocks: IP 20
  • Thermic class: Class F
  • Insulation voltage: 3000 V betweend windings and earthing
  • Protection class: Class 1
  • Varnish: Tropicalized
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Service: Continuous

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