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Transformers CE Single-phase

Our single phase CE transformers are the most common and appreciated series for general purposes.
They grant protection and a safety environment for machinery and electrical systems.

Here you can find our selection of standard products kept on stock.

In case of needing, our flexibility allows us to produce all kind of customized product.

  • Technical features

  • Applied norms: EN 61558-2-4/2-6, IEC 60076-1
  • Windings: Class F/H
  • Core: Low losses metal sheet
  • Terminal blocks: IP 20
  • Thermic class: Class F
  • Insulation voltage: 4000 V between windings - 2000 V between windings and earthing
  • Protection class: Class 1
  • Varnish: Tropicalized
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Service: Continuous

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